Hand, Wrist & Upper Extremity

The frequency of use of our hands and arms cause a number of painful conditions to become evident. Often, they are debilitative and generate discomfort and the inability to perform daily functions. Our physicians are specialists in diagnosing and treating such conditions. Some of the procedures performed are:

Carpal Tunnel Surgery:
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when the nerves in the carpal tunnel passageway in the wrist become compressed and cause numbness and discomfort. Often times symptoms can be reduced or alleviated by taking preventative measures. Should these measures prove ineffective, surgery may be needed.

Rotator Cuff Surgery:
Rotator Cuff surgery may be needed when a patient experiences pain and discomfort due to progressive degeneration or due to injury from repetitive motion or trauma. Without treatment, permanent loss of motion or weakness may occur.

Hand Fusion:
Fusion surgery is a method of treating pain often caused by arthritis. The cartilage degenerates and causes the bones to rub together causing pain and discomfort. By fusing the bones together it can alleviate the rubbing motion and correct any alignment issues that cause pain.

Total Joint Replacement of Upper Extremities:
Joint degeneration may result from normal wear and tear or from diseases, injuries and other conditions, causing stiffness and swelling. When conservative treatments fail to bring patients relief, total joint replacement may be the best option for relief. Our team replaces worn-out joints with advanced metal and plastic devices. Joint replacement surgery provides lasting relief from joint pain and can help you get back to a more active, independent lifestyle.

Shoulder Reconstruction:
Shoulder Reconstruction surgery corrects shoulder instability when ligaments and cartilage becomes overstretched or injured leaving the joint prone to dislocation. Reconstruction surgery can restore stability and function of the shoulder.